About Us

Turner EnviroLogic, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide variety of air pollution control equipment capable of meeting today's stringent emissions standards.  We are in the business of providing innovative engineered solutions to pollution control problems through our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system.

Our air pollution control equipment specializes in the reduction of gaseous, particulate and odor emissions generated by industrial processes. Air pollution monitoring equipment can be provided as stand-alone components or can be integrated into complete air pollution control systems.

Below are examples of our air pollution monitoring equipment and air pollution control products:

Thermal VOC Oxidizers - choose from regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO), straight thermal VOC oxidizers, recuperative thermal oxidizers, and multiple chamber thermal oxidizers

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems - customized selective catalytic reduction systems to reduce NOx and CO levels from power generating turbine and industrial furnace exhausts.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) - used for monitoring, reporting and control of NOx, CO, O2, SO2 and other gases.

Wet Scrubbers - Orifice Scrubbers, Venturi Scrubbers and Packed Bed Scrubbers for high particulate collection efficiency and removal of acid gases and odors.

Industrial Exhaust Stacks and Accessories - including Exhaust Stacks, Sampling Ports, Platforms and Ladders

High Temperature Dampers and Expansion Joints - carries louver dampers, butterfly dampers, guillotine dampers and specialty dampers. Expansion joints come in several styles such as "U" style, "flange" style, round metallic, rectangular metallic and molded


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